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Parking etiquette

Recently, I had to visit a bank in Sector 9 market in Faridabad so i decided to drive down. When i reached the bank, there was a young guy who had parked his car (white colored Hyundai Accent) right in front of the bank and was about to get out of his car. I rolled down my window and beckoned him to move his car. He gestured back to me telling there was enough space for a car to pass. He locked his car and nonchalantly moved inside the bank leaving space only for a car to pass.

There is ample space in that area for car parking. One can see 5-6 cars parked properly. But this guy wanted to park right in front of the bank because it was convenient for him and probably because he would have ended up walking 20 steps had he parked his car in the right place. 

I took this photo after coming out of bank. By that time, another driver had conveniently parked his car (White Indica) behind this white colored Hyundai Accent to make it worse.

The arrows indicate the direction from where i approached the bank.

When we chose to park our car in a convenient place, do we give it a thought that this may be inconvenient for others and that it may not be right place to park?

Do you also do it? Is it right? Do you want kids to follow and learn the same from you?

Think about it!



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