on the road, off the road and by the road

It’s funny that in our country people say that we don’t just drive on the left of the road, we drive on what is left of the road. Once you leave comforts of your home and prepare yourself for an adventurous endeavor, called driving, there are lots of problems waiting for you- Road rage, unnecessary honking, violation of traffic rules without any regard to safety etc.

I strongly believe that most of the problems of a country are inter-related to each other. You start to mend one matter and you would unknowingly resolve another. On the flip side, problems which are inter-related are more difficult to solve.

Last but not the least, we can’t solve the problem unless we know what the problem is.

Typically, while we are on road, we could face following issues:

  1. Drivers not following traffic rules. It’s common to drive on the wrong side of road!
  2. Beggars/thieves
  3. Stray animals on roads
  4. Broken roads, potholes
  5. Jay walking (people wrongly crossing the road)
  6. Open defecation by the side of the road (why does it trouble you? It’s not happening on the road. Right?)
  7. Road Rage
  8. Racing/Rash driving
  9. Unpainted speed-breakers
  10. Littering on roads (We are a free country! Throw garbage wherever you want. Roll down the window and throw out!)
  11. Sign boards covered with election manifestos or politician’s photographs
  12. Missing/wrong sign boards on important junctions/diversions
  13. All kinds of vehicles ranging from heavy utility vehicles to riskshaws to bicycles to animal-driven carts on highway roads
  14. Parking on roads resulting in obstruction of traffic flow
  15. Traffic lights not working/ Absence of traffic lights on important junctions
  16. Eve teasing
  17. Slow response in clearing traffic jams resulting due to vehicles which break down (especially heavy vehicles)
  18. Under-age driving
  19. Slow/no response in handing accidents
  20. Roads not well-lit at night
  21. Water-logging on roads during rainy season causing break-down of vehicles followed by traffic jams
  22. No footpath to walk on for pedestrians
  23. No care for differently-abled

Anything else you think i have missed out?

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