Why do we step on to road?

The answer to reducing/managing traffic on road must lie in the origination of it: why is there so much of traffic on road? Why do we step on to a road?

Possible reasons:

  1. To commute to work
  2. To visit Government offices for paying utility bills, to get Government related work done (marriage certificate, birth certificate, court cases, registration of new house/business/piece of land, pension, driving license, arms license, petrol pump license, voter id card, pan card, adhaar id, paying challans, filing returns, collect dues from Governement, work related to state and central banks and God knows what all)
  3. To pay other private bills like mobile/broadband bills, credit card bills and visiting private offices like banks
  4. Your work involves being on the road (sales, service, marketing, delivery, advertising/journalism related jobs)
  5. Leisure travel
  6. To meet family/friends
  7. To go to sacred places for worshipping
  8. To visit places like malls, hotels, restaurants, stadiums, parks, cinema halls, bookstores, hospitals, hotels, grocery stores, local markets, car/bike showrooms, railway station, airport, bus station
  9. Traveller
  10. To manage traffic- you are traffic police
  11. The road is your job- you are a rikshaw-puller, bus driver, taxi driver, three-wheeler driver, vegetable/food vendor
  12. Pedestrians (if there are no footpaths to walk on)
  13. I can go on and on….

What is in your list that’s not covered above?

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